Streamline Your Design Process: Must-Have Tools and Chrome Extensions for Squarespace Website Designers

Squarespace has emerged as a go-to platform for website design, known for its user-friendly interface and visually stunning templates. Whether you're a seasoned Squarespace designer or just starting, leveraging the right tools and Chrome extensions can significantly enhance your workflow and overall design experience. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the most useful tools and extensions that every Squarespace website designer should consider.

1. Squarespace Block Identifier:

   This Chrome extension is a game-changer for Squarespace designers. It allows you to identify and inspect specific blocks on a page easily. With a simple click, you can reveal the details of each block, making it a breeze to customize and fine-tune your designs.

2. WhatFont:

   Typography plays a crucial role in web design, and WhatFont simplifies the process of identifying fonts on any webpage. This Chrome extension lets you hover over text elements to discover the font family, size, and color, helping you maintain a consistent and visually appealing text style across your Squarespace site.

3. ColorZilla:

   Achieving a harmonious color scheme is essential in web design. ColorZilla is a handy Chrome extension that enables you to pick colors from any webpage. Use it to identify the exact shades you want to replicate or integrate into your Squarespace website, ensuring a cohesive and professional look.

4. Unsplash:

   High-quality visuals can elevate the overall aesthetic of your Squarespace site. Unsplash's Chrome extension makes it easy to access a vast library of royalty-free images directly from your browser. Seamlessly integrate stunning visuals into your designs without leaving the Squarespace editor.

5. Page Ruler:

    Pixel-perfect design is achievable with the Page Ruler extension. This tool allows you to measure elements on your Squarespace page accurately. Whether it's ensuring consistent spacing or aligning elements precisely, Page Ruler is an indispensable asset for meticulous designers.

6. Muzli 2 - Design Inspiration:

   Staying inspired is crucial for creativity. Muzli 2 is a Chrome extension that curates design inspiration from around the web. Explore the latest trends and innovative designs to spark ideas and keep your Squarespace projects fresh and engaging.

7. CSS Peeper:

   For designers who want to delve into the CSS of a Squarespace site, CSS Peeper is a valuable Chrome extension. Extract CSS code, color palettes, and assets from any webpage, helping you understand and modify the styles applied to different elements.

8. Squarespace Copy & Paste

 With this Chrome extention you can copy Pages and List collections like Blog, Gallery, Album, Events or custom (Dev) collections including content inside. You can also use this plugin to import/export your Commerce Products between different Squarespace sites.


As a Squarespace website designer, having the right tools and Chrome extensions at your disposal can significantly enhance your productivity and creativity. From streamlining your design process to discovering inspiration and ensuring pixel-perfect precision, these tools are designed to empower you in creating stunning and effective Squarespace websites. Incorporate them into your workflow and watch as your design capabilities reach new heights. Happy designing!