A Comprehensive Squarespace Guide: Changing the Shape of Your Pictures

Are you looking to add a touch of creativity to your Squarespace website? One effective way to enhance the visual appeal of your content is by changing the shape of your pictures. Squarespace offers a user-friendly platform that allows you to easily customize and manipulate images to fit your aesthetic preferences. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to effortlessly change the shape of your pictures on Squarespace.

Step 1: Access the Squarespace Editor

Log in to your Squarespace account and navigate to the website you want to edit. Enter the Squarespace Editor, where you can make changes to your site's design and content.

Step 2: Select the Image Block

Identify the section or page where you want to change the shape of a picture. Click on the Image Block to open the image settings.

Step 3: Upload or Choose the Image

If the image is not already uploaded, click on the "+" button to upload a new image. If the image is already in your Squarespace media library, simply select it from the available options.

Step 4: Customize the Image Block

Once the image is selected, go to the Design tab within the Image Block settings. Look for the "Shape"  then "Shape >".

Step 5: Adjust Aspect Ratio or Crop

Experiment with different predesigned shapes in variaty of aspect ratios your image. Squarespace provides various preset aspect ratios and a freeform option for more customized adjustments.

Step 6: Preview and Save

Before finalizing your changes, preview how the altered image looks on your website. Ensure it complements your overall design and enhances the visual appeal. If satisfied, click "Save" to apply the changes.


- Maintain consistency: Try to keep a consistent aspect ratio or crop style throughout your website for a cohesive look.

- Test on different devices: Check how your modified images appear on various devices to ensure a responsive design.


Changing the shape of pictures on Squarespace is a simple yet effective way to elevate your website's visual impact. Experiment with different shapes and aspect ratios to find the perfect fit for your content. With Squarespace's intuitive design tools, you can effortlessly create a website that reflects your unique style. Take advantage of these features to make your online presence truly stand out!